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HAV Vaccines Ltd (HVL) was established in London in 2009. Our primary objective is the development and commercialisation of a modern, virally vectored T-cell vaccine for the treatment of Crohn’s disease (CD) and support for the development of a novel companion diagnostic. A secondary objective is the development of a similar vaccine to treat Johne’s disease (JD) in farm animals.

The vaccine is designed to attenuate and eradicate chronic infection caused by Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP), a pathogen that is known to cause JD and believed to have a pivotal role in the causation of CD. It has been developed during 10 years of pioneering research by Prof Hermon-Taylor and his team at St Georges Medical School/University of London and Kings College London with funding provided by research grants and a large number of donations from CD patients and their families and friends during that time.

HVL’s anti-MAP vaccine has since successfully completed its pre-clinical development phase and is being prepared for Phase 1 and Phase 2a proof of concept clinical trials in man.